Safety and Industry 4.0

It seems there are hundreds of new articles every month about how automation, robots, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize industries across the globe. Factories that once employed thousands are now “staffed” by infinitely customizable and intricate computer systems that only require a handful of workers. This so-called “4th industrial revolution” (which is aptly being referred to as Industry 4.0) follows the recent digital revolution (3rd) and those begun by electrical power (2nd) and water and steam (1st). It was only a matter of time that the technology that brought us instant information would start a revolution.

Here’s the thing though, no matter how futuristic our factory floors get, there is still a need for humanity to create, program, and maintain said machines. For anyone who owns a computer or other modern tool, you know that machines breakdown and malfunction. Nothing on this earth is infallible, mistakes happen, and though the modern factory is far safer than those of previous generations, injuries are, and for the foreseeable will be, a major problem.

To keep your workers safe on a “smart” factory floor there a few fundamental things you need to watch out for:

  • Computer Error: It only takes one line of bad code to expose workers to major trouble. If a machine that exerts thousands of pounds of pressure moves just .001” the wrong way due to programming error, a minor operator injury may be the least of your worries.
  • Outside Sources: These dangers include, unexpected power surges, sudden power outages, and even unauthorized people gaining access to your factory floor. Add in the constant barrage of hackers and computer viruses and you have a receipt for disaster. There is some good news despite all these dangers. Unlike in the past, many of these safety problems are preventable and even predicable. The experts at Euchner offer a wide variety of switches, relays, and modules all of which instantly raise the level of safety in your Industry 4.0 driven factories. Some of more popular safety products include:
  • Limit switches do a great job of controlling, positioning, and monitoring of machinery.
  • Interlock switches from Euchner can help prevent operation of a machine by untrained worker and prevent machine operation when the guard is open.
  • Euchner’s safety relays will shut down machines when faults are detected in the interlocks or safety circuit.

Euchner also offers a whole host of other factory safety products including EKS (access control), light curtains, safety controllers, joysticks, emergency stop buttons, and even safety mats and bumpers. If you want to learn more about improving safety on your modern factory floor and how Euchner’s products can help facilitate this important goal, please visit our website or contact us today.

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More Than Safety at Euchner USA

Workplace safety has been at the forefront of the industry, with June being National Safety Month and in September the National Safety Council will hold the National Safety Council Congress & Expo. At Euchner USA our motto is “More than Safety” and for us it’s not just a saying. We have dedicated our business to offering quality products that can help businesses improve workplace safety.

We offer an array of safety products that have been engineered to provide protection to employees as well as protect equipment from hazards. We have everything from safety switches as well as automation products that can be incorporated into systems to sense movement, position, track tooling data, and to help integrate automated systems.

In addition to the products we offer, Euchner USA provides a free machine guarding safety seminar throughout North America. The course covers a variety of topics, such as ANSI and OSHA guidelines, US vs. European standards, self-monitoring safety systems, ISO standards, and more. This seminar has been conducted at universities, OSHA regional facilities, insurance companies, and of course industrial facilities and is ideal for machine operators, process engineers, controls engineers, electricians, design engineers, and anyone involved in plant safety.

To learn more about Euchner’s commitment to safety, visit our website. We also post more company updates and safety news on our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages.

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Euchner Unveils New Transponder-coded Safety Switch

Euchner has added a new safety switch CTP, which features modern transponder-coded safety engineering that allows even a single CTP to achieve a category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1, without additional fault exclusion. The CTP also exceeds the requirements of EN ISO 14119 for type 4 switch with high coding level. This safety switch is ideal for use in applications that require a high performance level and a locking force up to 2500 N are required.

The CTP comes equipped with a comprehensive diagnostic function, an LED indicator for the device status, and the option to connect monitoring outputs and a diagnostic output directly to the PLC. Depending on the version the CTP is also suitable for direct connection to safe control systems or for the series of connection of up to 20 devices.

We designed the CTP as narrow as possible to provide space-saving mounting on the safety guard. The strong plastic housing and metal head also provide a high degree of protection for industrial environments.

To learn more about the new CTP Transponder-coded safety switch, visit our website or contact us directly. We also regularly update our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages with more company information and industry news.

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Selecting a EN ISO 14119 Safety Switch

At Euchner safety is always top of mind, which is why we offer our customers several options for the protection of safety doors in accordance with EN ISO 14119. The relatively new safety standard is an updated version of EN 1088 and is intended to make it clearer on how a safety switch is to be selected and how it is to be used.

When selecting a safety door protection device under EN ISO 14119 standard there are several considerations. Often times guard locking is used instead of interlocking because the working process must not be interrupted. To determine whether a guard locking device will be required for personnel protection or if an interlocking device is sufficient, customers must consider the machine run-on time. If an interlocking device is used, the access time must be longer than the determined run-on time. Otherwise, a guard locking device must be used for personnel protection.

If using a guard locking device customers then must decide which guard locking principle is to be observed. Only the two principles “actuated by spring force, released by energy ON” and “actuated by energy (ON), released by energy (ON)” are suitable for personnel protection. The second principle describes the option of using a guard locking device that remains in either of the two states without energy. A guard locking device may also require additional types of release, such as an escape release, a mechanical release, or an emergency release. The standard imposes requirements on all types of release, some of which must be met by the manufacturer of the guard locking device and some of which can be realized only by the user.

Other considerations with a guard locking device that the forces exerted on the guard locking device by a safety door must remain with the limits of the value specified by the manufacturer. There must also be suitable measures put in place to prevent tampering or bypassing the safety switch. Finally, users must check as to whether the selected interlocking devices withstand the environmental influences at the place of installation. This could include criteria such as protection against penetrating fluids (class of protection IP), dust or EMC.

For more information about safety switches and help selecting one for your application, visit our website. We also post more company news on our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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Euchner’s New MSC Safe Control System

At Euchner, we know that safety is the number one most important aspect of anything. Whether you work with automation products or man-machine products, we offer the best products to ensure a safe environment for your staff and facility. We are proud to announce our new flexible safe control system MSC. This universal, freely programmable, modular safety system is great for the protection of machines and installations and can monitor many safety devices.

Our MSC base module is inCapturecredibly versatile, can realize a maximum of 8 inputs and 2 outputs, and can even handle more applications with additional input and output modules. The MSC’s customizable design makes it perfect for your unique and particular needs.

To provide our customers will customizable programming, Euchner Safety Design PC software is utilized. This user-friendly software allows for the control of numerous safety functions and operations available for configuration. Using a PC and a USB cable, setting up the device is easy, and the program is automatically saved on the module for quick and easy replacement.

Some of the other features of the MSC are the ability to run both simple and comprehensive diagnostics using the LED lights on the device. Additionally, the software can help find and fix any issues, saving you time and money.

Our MSC is incredibly safe, programmable, and efficient for whatever use you may need when working with machines and installations. To learn more about our new MSC, please visit our website.

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Euchner’s New EKS Electronic Key System

EKS 2Many take for granted that, with everything coming equipped with password technologies these days, passwords are essentially “free.” But when passwords prove too weak or simple, leaving valuable products or information vulnerable, it becomes abundantly clear that “free” can become quite expensive. Euchner is thrilled to announce the release of our new EKS Light Electronic Access Control System.

We created this new EKS system, after one of our biggest clients came to us with some unique demands. They need to closely monitor the filling and packaging of their product; all while maintaining a high level of security and accuracy.  Euchner’s team of control system experts got right on the job and created the EKS Light Electronic Access Control System.

Our new EKS system offers all of our customers a wide range of innovative features and benefits including:

  •  Read-only system with internal user identification for small applications
  • Controlled access to individual machines, entire installation, or other facilities
  • Self-identification through electronic key with RFID transponder
  • Designed for application in hygienically sensitive areas
  • Easy to mount
  • Runs Euchner’s innovative EKM Software with four distinct access levels for simple users, technicians, quality management, and administrator rights.
  • Easy to learn and operate ad makes passwords obsolete!

All of these attributes make Euchner’s EKS Light Electronic Access Control System the perfect choice to manage every type of quality management system possible. The electronic key ring with an RFID transponder is especially important in making the EKS the most cutting-edge technology available today. If lost, it can be deleted from the system with ease. Access levels can also be changed, allowing for differentiation between employee levels. Authorization can be increased and decreased accordingly. Ultimately, it can offer up to 15 different layers of access!

At Euchner, we are proud to be an internationally renowned family owned business with EKS 1over 600 employees across the globes. It allows us to bring our clients the highest levels of quality and technology, along with unmatched customer service. To learn more about our new EKS Light Electronic Access Control System, please visit our website ( or contact one of our control system experts today.

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Introducing the Euchner: CES-CB – Safety Controller

Euchner: CES-CB – Safety Controller

Euchner USA has just introduced the CES-CB safety controller. The product broadens the range of our evaluation units, while still boasting all of the same advantages that the existing units possess. The CES-CB was specifically developed for serving the needs of small to medium-sized machines.  The unit protects installations through a number of ways:

  • Transponder technology
  • Safety relay in a single housing
  • Option of connecting four read heads from any of the following series:

o   CES

o   CEM

o   CET

o   CKS

The CES-CB also offers different logic functions across 25 configurations. Each logic function is capable of being expanded tenfold through use of a separate memory card. The improved CES model has a number of characteristics that differentiate it from competitors. It’s easily operated, with an illuminated display and pushbutton functionality for its rotary switch. The display is effortlessly navigated from individual device status to diagnostic data, utilizing common abbreviations. LinkClick.aspx fileticket 7dGRlel0L3U 3d tabid 3419 language de DEHowever, the best feature is the ability to link several of the units to form safety zones. The CES-CB has 4 safe inputs, 4 read-head inputs, 3 safe outputs, and 6 monitoring outputs. The possibility also exists to connect additional safety devices; including emergency stops, enabling switches, and safety curtains. You have the option to determine the setting that allows for outputs to be switched through delay or individually. Both the inputs and the outputs are continuously monitored for short circuits and other problems.

Most importantly, the CES-CB provides total protection and security.

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